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EST: 1964


SECTOR: Sanitary Ware

AGENCY: N. Road Thessaloniki - Edessa

City: Thessaloniki

Area: Aghialos Thessaloniki

TEL: 210 48 98 305-8

FAX: 210 48 98 300

E-MAIL: info@vitruvit.vionet. gr




VITRUVIT is a modern and dynamic company with a wide range of tiles under the brand name AXIUM and sanitary ware under the brand name VI BATH. Its collaboration with major European companies, in order to develop new designs and provide expertise, allows the company to constantly evolve, following current trends of the industry. The company collaborates with recognized technological institutes abroad, thereby instilling its products with modern design, aesthetics and ergonomics.

VITRUVIT was founded in 1964 in Ankhialos of Thessaloniki and since its establishment, has been one of the leading industrial ceramic producers in Europe. Its products were the preference of the domestic and international market since their first year of production. Over the years VITRUVIT was established as a Greek production company of tiles and sanitary ware which was consistently close to the Greek consumer, supporting him with its vast and long experience through innovative products for every season as well as with high quality.

VITRUVIT follows closely the developments of ceramic technology and features porcelain and tiles 100% glazed, baked at 1240oC, leading to a complete mixing of the body mass and the enamel, resulting in very low coefficient absorption (about 0,03%) and the exclusion of any alteration, in any manner and for any reason.

With vast knowledge of the industry, as well as of the domestic and international markets and above all, with the public’s confidence in its reliability, VITRUVIT shines for more than 45 years in the field of sanitary ware and tiles.

In 2010 the company’s turnover amounted to euro 9.3 million, with the company recording marginal losses after taxes.

However, the company, despite the difficult environment in the construction industry, continues to advance dynamically in the domestic market and especially in new markets abroad, in the context of growth.

VITRUVIT’s products are being continually updated, as significant partnerships with major European companies are concluded, in order to always meet the current market trends both in Greece and internationally, while preserving the human values and practices that established the company in the minds of consumers all these years.

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